Glow 2011: Light art in Eindhoven, the Netherlands


Glow is an anual event in Eindhoven, the Netherlands during which the entire city centre is transformed by night into a colorfull tribute to artificial light. This year’s theme was Illusion and reality.

Eindhoven is a city of many aspects, it changes between day and night
between being open and insular, between dense architecture and
green open spaces between light and a dark. What one moment
seems a peaceful garden, becomes if twilight falls, a decor of eerie
shadows. What could be perceived as a romantic bridge during the day
or a chilly bicycle tunnel, in the evening, becomes a beacon of light or a maze of color.
What is the illusion and what is the reality, or where does art begin and reality end ?


Of course yours truly was there to take a few quick snapshots of which you can find selection attached below.

CupolaTunnel of loveCupolaLichtschilderijCharm on speedBurning van abbemuseumTU/e Main building

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